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Michael Ramey is proud to have represented many wonderful clients over the years.  Below are actual results of cases in which he represented individuals that were injured due to the negligence of others.  These results do not contain the names of the parties, and are intended for attorneys only, as examples of past experience.  Where amounts are listed, the amounts are the gross amounts of the settlement, before the deduction of attorney's fees and expenses.  As such, the final amounts received by the clients are less than the gross amounts.

Trucking Collision – Confidential Settlement Amount

A young man was riding to town with his family, when their car was struck by an 18 wheeler on the highway.  The family’s vehicle spun out of control, and the young man was killed.  The truck driver and trucking company denied any wrongdoing, instead claiming the family was at fault for the crash.  After investigating, Ramey discovered that the 18 wheeler in question had been recently inspected and found to have serious mechanical issues.  It should not have been on the road at the time of the crash.  Likewise, he determined that the driver and company had violated numerous federal safety regulations designed to prevent crashes such as this one.   The trucking company ultimately entered into a settlement agreement with the family members, rather than face a jury.

Medical Negligence - $3.25 Million Dollar Settlement

A beloved wife and mother of three children went was admitted to a hospital for a balloon procedure to increase blood flow through the arteries in her heart.   She and her husband were told that she should be able to go home later that day.  A short time later, the family was informed that she had died following the procedure.   No one would explain to the family explain how she had died. After investigating, a series of inexplicable medical and nursing errors was discovered.  The investigation revealed that the procedure was not needed at all, that vital blood thinners ordered by a doctor were not given, and that hospital policies and procedures were violated.  Ultimately, the hospital and doctor reached a pre-trial settlement with the family. 

Workplace Forklift Injury – Confidential Settlement Amount

A salesman working for a construction supply company was struck by a forklift while walking across the company yard.  He suffered severe and permanent damage to his foot.  The Company blamed the salesman for not paying attention, and refused to accept responsibility.  After investigating, Ramey learned that the person driving the forklift was actually a truck driver, working for a different company, who was not authorized to be operating the forklift at all.  He was also operating the forklift in an unsafe manner at the time of the collision.  Numerous safety regulations and company policies were violated.  After Ramey uncovered the extent of the wrongdoing, the Company was forced to enter into a significant confidential settlement before trial.

Medical Negligence – $1.86 Million Dollar Settlement

A young college student began having problems breathing.  His friends took him to the hospital for help.  A doctor attempted to place a catheter in the young man’s chest to monitor his condition.  In doing so, the doctor punctured and collapsed the young man’s lung.  The doctor failed to notice the problem.  The hospital’s nursing staff did notice the problem, but didn’t notify anyone.  They also gave medications, without a doctor’s order, which worsened his condition.  The young man suffered irreversible brain damage, and died several days later.  Subsequent investigation revealed the entirely preventable series of events that caused the young man’s tragic and untimely death.  The responsible parties ultimately reached a settlement with the family.  

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DISCLAIMER:  These results were obtained due to the unique factual and legal circumstances existing in each case.  As every case is unique, these results should not be considered in any way to imply that the same results could be expected for clients in similar matters.